Monday, March 3, 2014

Post on National Geographic

National Geographic has asked me to blog on their site too. Here's my first post, which is an introduction to our project:


  1. Grats on your NG entry.

  2. Wow this is amazing. Question to Mr Emberling, how large is the temple in comparison to the temples nearby(Sudan) or the ones in Egypt. Is the temple the same size as Dangeil(in Sudan) or the temples in Egypt such as Philae, or Wadi el seboua Temple? This is very exciting, and i am grasping for more information.

    1. I thought I responded, but with this internet connection, it's hard to be sure sometimes. Anyway, we think the building we are excavating at El Kurru is a mortuary temple dedicated to the cult of a dead king. It is much smaller than the temples of the great gods like Amun (at Dangeil and elsewhere) or Isis (at Philae). The outer rooms cover an area of about 15 x 10 meters (45 x 30 feet) and the inner rooms have yet to be adequately explored.