Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Life on the dig

Another installment of answers to Ms. Donnelly’s 6th grade class that have to do with life on the dig….

We live in a house in the village—here’s a photo of the outer courtyard, which is really a nice place to have a cup of tea in the afternoon, and we do a lot of work here too as you can see.

It gets light here around 7 am. We get ready, have our tea and coffee, and start work at 8 am. We have hired around 70 local men to help with the excavation, and most of them prefer to work from 8 to 2 even though it gets hot here in the afternoon (it’s recently been between 95 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the afternoons).

We eat according to a Sudanese schedule: “breakfast” is a big meal at 11 am, and we have “lunch” a bit late for Sudan, at about 6 pm. They would normally have dinner at 9:30 or so, but we are all too tired, so we have just two main meals. We eat a local, organic, and mostly vegetarian diet—lots of fava beans (called “fuul”), eggs, tomatoes and cucumbers, sometimes pancakes with savory sauces, and bread with everything. And we eat Sudanese style, with our right hand, mostly using little pieces of bread to scoop up the food. My personal favorite is the sweet spaghetti they serve with every meal—hard to eat with your hand!

We work six days per week, with Fridays off. We are a pretty active group, though, so we sometimes catch up on work on Fridays, and sometimes drive off to visit other sites in the area, which is important for us.

I’ll write more later about the physical process of digging!


  1. Spirit of adventure! Digging, making jewelry, chillaxin Sudanese style. So rad. Isis. Osiris. Meresamun. Amun Ra. The stories spell bind. I am thoroughly enjoying my deep sea immersion into the life n time of the ancient ones. How long are y'all gonna be there?

  2. PS- For the kids in all of us... #BeMoreTea - Kermit The Frog & The Muppets | FunnyAds http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVUCRrjsPlo :D haha!

  3. Good Morning, Geoff. I've been looking in every so often. It is a lot of fun to read your posts. I gave your blog address to my former colleagues at Mountain View. I know some of their kids will be very interested in what you are doing. You may well hear from a few.