Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Return to El Kurru: City Wall

By contrast to the situation in the temple and pyramid, our very simple covering of the city wall was in great shape. We had taken old shawwal (burlap sacks for dates), opened them up, draped them over the stones of the wall, and covered them with about 15 cm of sediment. Everything remained in place, and there is no sign of displacement or vandalism.


  1. Welcome back, and i am glad you are back. Question(smiles) how far deep is the foundation of the temple wall? Also, do the team plan on digging further toward the Foundation to see how deep it truly is?

  2. Thanks for your comments Brian. The temple is built in a quarry, so the stone blocks are placed directly on a foundation of bedrock—there is no question that the walls don’t go deeper. Your comment is on a post about the city wall, so I’ll address that too, just in case—but the answer is the same. The city wall is also mostly built directly on bedrock (there are some places where they levelled the ground by adding sediment before building the wall).