Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Our team

We’ve had a great team this season…
(Left to right, sort of: Geoff Emberling, Martin Makinson, Rikke Therkildsen (she's in the back), Nacho Forcadell, Jack Cheng (also in the back), Luis Martín Díaz, Kate Rose, Sebastian Anstis (in the back--he's not really that tall), Carrie Roberts, Suzanne Davis, Martin Uildriks, Sarah Duffy, Naomi Miller, Jacke Phillips, and Mahmoud Suliman (he's not really that grouchy)

It’s nice to be able to highlight some of their work.

One of our projects, directed by my colleague Rachael Dann at the University of Copenhagen, has focused on documenting the painted tombs of the 25th Dynasty at El Kurru. Sarah Duffy has done amazingly detailed photographic documentation in the tombs, both last season and this year. Here she is in the tomb of Tanutamani (photo by Jack Cheng):

She is photographing in part to made 3-dimensional models of the tombs themselves. You can see more of her work at El Kurru here: Some of her other work doing cutting-edge photographic documentation and modelling of archaeological sites is also on her website:

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